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Dravenwood Village is the dream that live action roleplayers and medieval fanatics all share, private land with a medieval village designed for specifically for gaming.

Imagine a place where the buildings are already styled with a medieval Tudor theme inside and out, where those very same buildings offer all the comforts of home, where you can walk through town square and feel like you are walking in the Middle Ages!

Have you wished a campsite had a tower? Or a fort? Have you ever wanted a cottage to call you own? Request one and its yours! We can also offer amenities such as on-ste storage so you don't have to worry about transporting your gear between events, on-site laundry, a Plot Camp separated from the rest of the camp for privacy, restrooms and showers, and more!

To be located between Seattle and Portland, this campsite will be central to the many LARPs in the area and can reach a wide range of players to attend your game.

This is Dravenwood Village and you can help make the dream of a LARP village come true!


I love this and I want to be involved! What can I do?

We are stoked that you are interested and want to help! The best and most important thing you can do to help this project is to spread the word. Tell all your friends. Get them to like our Facebook and Google + pages, and follow us on Twitter and Pinterest.

The more people who know about Dravenwood Village, the greater this project has to succeed.